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My first bass guitar

It has been a long time since I had the opportunity to work with a good bass player. The last bass player that I recorded and performed with was Tony Stewart, he was great to work with and if things had… Continue Reading →

Feeling sad tonight

It is about 32 years since I lost my Aunty Bet. She was a gentle soul. She was someone who was there for me when people who should have been turned away. I often feel haunted. Feelings of how I… Continue Reading →

Leland Sklar on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent source for any musician and songwriter, not only for the entertainment and promotional value, but for the chance to be able to share your life an passion. I subscribe to many different YouTube channels, most of… Continue Reading →

Black On Track

In these times when it is difficult to play in front of an audience, it is really nice to have Matt Black on the scene with his radio show Black on Track. If you haven’t heard his show yet, you… Continue Reading →

A little bit closer to releasing my next single

Choose what to release is difficult to predict. It is determined how a song comes together. I have several songs which I would love to release, but the recordings of the songs just don’t feel right for various reasons. Working as a solo… Continue Reading →

Bruce Springsteen’s Brilliant Disguise

Twenty twenty was supposed to be the year that I returned to performing live. I have even bought a new amp. Of course, I already had my beautiful Musicman 210RD, but that amp maybe good for playing my electric guitar through but no good for small… Continue Reading →

My First Gig And How It Changed Me

I thought on the back of my last post I would upload the video of our live performance of We’ll Leave This Town.   This video was 404’s first gig prior performed at The Station Hotel in Billingham January 19th, 1990…. Continue Reading →

Rupert Hine and his impact on my life

Last night I read that Rupert Hine had died. It was Rupert Hine who was instrumental in getting our record deal with BMG records and our publishing contract with EMI Music Publishing for that I will be forever thankful for…. Continue Reading →

Migration to a Foreign Land

Don’t read this, I am bored and trying to write something that probably should be left unsaid, especially if my wife had anything to do with it. But it is a blog and I should write something. I wish I could… Continue Reading →

A Revamped Susie’s Blog Site

With the Covid19 affecting us all, I have reclaimed 20 hours a week that I would normally be stuck in a car, which is meant that I have had time to not only revamp my website and bring it up… Continue Reading →

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