Twenty twenty was supposed to be the year that I returned to performing live. I have even bought a new amp. Of course, I already had my beautiful Musicman 210RD, but that amp maybe good for playing my electric guitar through but no good for small gigs and playing your vocals through. So, I have gone out and bought a Fishman Loudbox Acoustic, it sounds great. I can put my acoustic guitar, vocals and backing track. Very cool. 

I haven’t yet determined at this point what the set list will be, but they say that you should always perform a cover. I was thinking of doing a cover of a cover. I love Billie Eilish, she is amazing, and her song Bad Guy so really good but if I was to be singing that song, I don’t think that it would work, however the spoof version Dad Guy performed by Funk Turkey is something that I could see myself singing that. What else could I sing, I think that although the song is by today’s standards old, it is a classic song by an artist who has always been the Boss. 

Yes, my version of the song is my version, it is in a different key so there is no point of trying to recreate it and where is the fun in that. I hope that you like my version of Bruce’s classic song.