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Something That I Need

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I wrote this song when I was 21, so many things have changed in this time, especially the recording approach. The original was synth heavy very much in the style of Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” and I love… Continue Reading →

Vision – Something I Got To Do

Most of the songs that I release are although new recordings are songs that I wrote many years ago and have never been released. I love those songs and put a lot of energy into recording and releasing. I don’t… Continue Reading →

Coming Home

This is one of my favourite driving songs, especially when I am driving home or where I feel my home is. The YouTube video features many of the roads that we have travelled in Scotland, a place that other than… Continue Reading →

A Woman To Love

I wrote this song when I was single and never knowing if I would find a woman to love. A bit of bravado, but that goes with the territory. The single has been released in all the usual locations, Friday… Continue Reading →

Mind Games

To be in a relationship for just not wishing to move on, is understandable but foolish. If the flame of love dies and all you have is the embers then life becomes very cold. This is my first release of… Continue Reading →

It’s Got To Be The Drink

I don’t know how this song came about, it’s got to the drink yeah! The song has been on the back burner for a lot of years. Mark Shipton is playing the lead guitar on this song, but it took… Continue Reading →

Too Much A Gypsy

Following on from where the song “Love I Denied” left off, the song “Too Much A Gypsy” follows. At the stage of my life that I wrote it, it was one of my biggest fears. I wondered would never settle… Continue Reading →

Well Done, Susie

I am very proud of my wife, she started her website about 10 years ago, as a way to share stories of our lives and her recipes so that friends and family could make the dishes that she had… Continue Reading →

Nothing Stays The Same (I hate that life has changed!)

Sometimes it is so difficult to find two minutes to yourself. I remember the silence of Sundays, the shops were closed, virtualy everyone was off work, the pubs and shops had restricted opening hours. No computers, next to nothing on… Continue Reading →

Second Time

This song is about second chances and not rolling over just because someone destroyed everything you had and who you were seen to be. Reputations, once destroyed are very difficult to redeem. Doors close and you may as well be… Continue Reading →

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