YouTube is an excellent source for any musician and songwriter, not only for the entertainment and promotional value, but for the chance to be able to share your life an passion.

I subscribe to many different YouTube channels, most of them I get bored with but others I go to on a regularly. I came across Leland Sklar’s channel a while ago. He has been around for so long he now looks like father time. I love his down to earth approach, everyday he has a new post about a song that he worked on and the events that surounded it. I find him fascinating to watch, although I don’t catch all his videos because he does so many of them, but lets face it he has worked on some of the greatest songs in music history from the the past 50 years. Wow! If you want to hear about how some of those songs came together or just want to see how the master plays those classic songs visit his YouTube channel.

If you just want to learn more about Leland Sklar, there are plenty of stuff out there, but I like the article Leland Sklar 25000 songs later