With the Covid19 affecting us all, I have reclaimed 20 hours a week that I would normally be stuck in a car, which is meant that I have had time to not only revamp my website and bring it up to date, but also update my wife’s website too. I still have a lot to do on it, she has told me that it isn’t pretty enough for her, but she does like the new features.

With all the battles and sacrifices that we go through, there is never enough time for any of us. Susie works 6 days a week professionally caring for Paige including working two nights a week on top of her day shift. She is working in an environment that is in full lockdown, surgical mask, gloves etc. If not the battle to keep Paige alive is not stressfull enough, she has to deal with the management side as well. There is too much to go in to, so I will leave it as that.

The website brings light relief to you household, I have managed to get her to start posting onto it again and she has just done a post about our stay in Puglia, Italy. Part of that post includes some video footage that I shot from my iPhone while riding an electric bicycle, which was so cool. The sound quality wasn’t that good so I found an old song of mine called “Still Side By Side” and used it as backing for it and it really works well, although we have been married coming up to 27 years and she asked me who the opera singer was. I howled at this, I couldn’t stop laughing.

I think that I will have to revisit this song

Her website now links with her Instagram account and her YouTube channel, yes she now has a YouTube channel. I set it up for her so that we could share family home movies of the kids growing up, these are locked down to just family but it is now also including videos she has made to go along side her recipes on her website as the kids love her cooking and want to know how she cooks.