We all know that life is a journey that has many dead ends, hold ups. Often we are lost as we cannot find our way its at times like these we see the true value of our friends, wives & lovers. Wives & lovers can be very interchangeable but if you have both you will certainly going to need a good friend as I can only think that you are on the road to disaster.

In the chaos of our lives nothing feels better than going home especially after a bad day at work. This song was inspired by such a journey. Every turn I took I found roads closed and dead ends. When I eventually did arrive my wife had prepared a lovely dinner, there was a bottle of white wine in the fridge and just to start my lovely weekend she handed me a glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks mmmmm

Verse One
The skies are black with rain and this road’s so very long.
The road signs where are they? I guess the road I took was wrong?
When I stop to ask the way, the people I meet never ventured very far
and they’re happy here to stay, happy for things to stay the way they are.

Verse Two
I find a road with promise, a dead end lies in wait for me.
I look up to the heavens, I might find a guiding star.
I’ m lost without a map, and the frustration it almost drives me off the edge.
Is this some sadistic trap, so many roads and who knows where they lead?

Without you there for me,
well I don’t think I could make it.
Without you there for me,
Yeah I don’t think I could take it.
Without you there for me,
without you there for me,
Without you there.

Verse Three
My eyes are grasing over, at least in dreams I can be free.
The day is almost over, and I’m tempted to stop and take some sleep.
There’s a road that lies ahead, and it’s calling, yeah it’s calling out for me.
Seek and you shall find, is it some Holy Grail I search for? Don’t ask me.

(c) 1997 Words & Music by John Robert Hunter


The song was recorded back in 1997 using Voyetra’s Digital Orchestra Plus.