After backpacking around Australia and gaining such positive feedback, we came back to England to write and record songs with determination to get that record contract. Change was written and recorded in the 1988 recording session and it is one of the few songs that Paul Moore and I created together. The song “Change” derives from our experience of returning to England feeling now independent.

Verse 1
He left his home crying,
never thought he’d be back again.
On the road for glory,
leaving all his childhood days far behind.
A million miles behind him,
and thoughts of home they haunt him, always on his mind.
He’s working for survival,
and every step he takes, could be the last.

Verse 2
So easy to be frightened,
but so hard, when you’re so tired.
The years could have distroyed him,
but he came through the other side.
One day his mother wakes up,
to find her son standing in her hallway.
So happy just to see him,
so happy but they just can’t see that he has changed.

(c) 1988 Words and Music by John Robert Hunter


Performed and produced by John Hunter & Paul Moore
Engineered by Paul Moore

In the 1988 recording sessions we recorded “Can’t Wait”, “Change”, “Hype”, “Here Comes The Night:, “Give All You Got”, “Something I Need”, “Dreamers”, “Breaking Out” , “Raging Fire”, “New Age”, Living On The Edge”, “Tears Fall”, “Let Me Go”, “This Is The New Tomorrow” & “I Don’t Want To Talk”.

Equipment used: Roland Juno & Ensoniq Mirage keyboards, Yamaha RX5 drum machine,  Allen & Heath Mixing Desk and Tescam 8 Track