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On Spotify

I am working hard to build up more of a presence on Spotify, back in 2018 I started to release my songs on Spotify as John Hunter, but unfortunately I am not the only John Hunter on Spotify. This made… Continue Reading →

Here Comes The Night ( A Different Tune)

The song “Here Comes The Night” was one of those songs I wrote to have two storylines. I wrote it from the the idea of how people prowl the bars at night, looking for excitment, attachments etc, only finding there… Continue Reading →

The Hardest Step

I still love this song after 31 years. There is never enough time to record my music and it has taken 31 years to return to a song that I had quickly put down on a 4 track. I was… Continue Reading →

My Wicked Way

Work in progress, looking to add a second vocal Verse One Its Saturday night, I’m spending all my money this busy little bee is looking for some honey. I’m a sinner won’t you save me What you gonna do? Are… Continue Reading →

A Game For Fools

This simple two verse song was written before I met my lovely wife so┬áif love is a game for fools, then I am a happy fool. Twenty plus years with my wife and my best friend not too bad. Verse… Continue Reading →

Hold Me In Your Arms

This song was written at my lowest point, when everything around me was crumbling. My career that I had fought so hard for was gone. The one thing that kept me from falling apart was my wife Susie. There are… Continue Reading →

Those Brown Eyes

This is one of my top favourite songs from the 404 era. The song has a great energy and I have always had fun performing this song and what makes it even more unusual I was not the principle writer… Continue Reading →


After backpacking around Australia and gaining such positive feedback, we came back to England to write and record songs with determination to get that record contract. Change was written and recorded in the 1988 recording session and it is one… Continue Reading →

Without You There For Me

We all know that life is a journey that has many dead ends, hold ups. Often we are lost as we cannot find our way its at times like these we see the true value of our friends, wives &… Continue Reading →

Have You No Shame

I see people here in England getting passionate about how England is in the wrong for invading Iraq, having troops in Afghanistan and some of these people seem to support become terrorists themselves in what they see as a justified… Continue Reading →

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