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Christmas Angels

Christmas is drawing closer in a matter of days it will have come and gone. It is so sad that this period passes so quickly. These are difficult times for sure, there is so much uncertainty. It is hard to… Continue Reading →

Angels, I’ve been so alone

As Christmas draws closer in these difficult times, I often think back to my experiences in Sydney, Australia; I was far from home and watching other people prepare for Christmas as I walked past people sleeping rough. I am thankful… Continue Reading →

Its For You

You get up early, you come home late, day after day. You are sat in traffic on the way to work and coming home. What is it for? If only you could escape, but we have commitments, people we love… Continue Reading →

Rebranding and new EP

After having so many issues finding my music online, virtually impossible to find this John Hunter, I made the decission to include one of my middle names so I am now to be found as John Robert Hunter. Rather than… Continue Reading →

Angels, I’ve Been So Alone

I spent time in Sydney alone, thousands of miles from family and friends. Waking up on my birthday and having no one to share that day with me, made me feel isolated. I would walk the streets of the city… Continue Reading →

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