Christmas is drawing closer in a matter of days it will have come and gone. It is so sad that this period passes so quickly. These are difficult times for sure, there is so much uncertainty. It is hard to make any plans these days. So many of us lived in a world that only barred our escape to beautiful places by the lack of money in our pockets. For the past two years we have yearned to return to Rome, but these days, with all the family concerns I can’t even to our local cinema and watch the Spider-man movie.

Times have changed for us all. One strange thing that I have noticed is that all the homeless people in Salisbury have miraculously disappeared?


Have they all died of COVID or has suddenly the government found shelter for these people? If so why didn’t happen earlier?

I really don’t know the answer and I am scared to find out or go looking for answers on the internet. There are so many kooks out there spreading wild conspiracies, I think that you could find yourself very easily going down the rabbit hole to crazy town.

These are scary times that we live in that is for certain, but it is nice to see the Christmas lights shining in streets and to be part of a family, to have my loved ones around me and know that this Christmas I will have those people around me. Susie has baked a batch of mince pies, so that it really good for my keto diet, not!

But seriously, having people who care about me is important, and I know that what we have today is so fragile. There are no guarantees in life. What we have today, we should surely cherish. After Christmas has past, all we will have are the memories that we created on life’s journey.

I often think back to my experiences in Sydney, Australia. I was far from home and watching other people prepare for Christmas. I felt isolated, detached from it all. I had already gone through a birthday alone, but as I walked past people sleeping rough, I was thankful that I could just get on a plane and come back to England.

Now uncertainty is back in our lives it is a time when so many people have lost their jobs due to the COVID19 pandemic and now face the real risk of being evicted from their homes to face an uncertain future on the streets.

I feel thankful that the company that I work for is still in business and that we can still the bills that come in. But my heart goes out for all those who across the world are not so fortunate. We know that this year like the las that there will be a lot of people who will be facing choices on food or presents for their children. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have issues with watching people suffering for whatever reason. I find that I am getting worse as I get older. Life’s experiences make it harder to feel detached from it all. I am one of those guys, who does try to close my eyes and distance myself from reality, but that is not because I don’t care; it is because I care too much.

I know that one day, if fate decrees that it could be me in that position, as nothing in life is certain.

None of us can ever know how we will spend those final days and that scares me, how does the old saying goes walk a mile in another man’s shoes? There should be more love in the world. We should not hear people talking about Jesus and at the same time forgetting that one of the lessons was supposed to be about tolerance and forgiveness. Isn’t pride a deadly sin? Anyway I try not to dwell on the sad side of Christmas because I really love Christmas.

Christmas comes and goes so quickly so I thought that I better get the video for this song completed so that hopefully the song will reach a larger audience and maybe people will spare a thought for those who are alone. It is so easy to ignore people, not to want to get involved, drawn into uncomfortable situations. Any way my song Angels, is dedicated to all those who will be alone this Christmas. I hope that you like my video and if you read this before Christmas, I wish you that you have the best Christmas that you can have, and create some special memories to keep. If you read this after Christmas has past, well Christmas is on the way so let us make that special too.