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Summer Days

Spending much of my early childhood in New Zealand made a big impression on me. The weather was good and the winter’s warmer. Out the back of where we lived in Auckland there was a little bamboo forest in which… Continue Reading →

Living This Way – Promo

This is a really short post, it is the end of a long day and my wife is working nights again. I have done a little bit of work on my song Wishes Do, and the sentiment hasn’t changed in… Continue Reading →

Are you far from the person you love?

My wife and I don’t get as much time together as we would both wish, external forces such as family commitments and financial reasons have in the past ten or so years have kept us apart. Tonight I am sitting… Continue Reading →

I’ve Got You Beat

When I was young, I saw things very much in black and white. I thought that I could protect myself with legal contracts and that people really cared about the truth but I found out that a legal contract is… Continue Reading →

On Spotify

I am working hard to build up more of a presence on Spotify, back in 2018 I started to release my songs on Spotify as John Hunter, but unfortunately I am not the only John Hunter on Spotify. This made… Continue Reading →

Angels, I’ve been so alone

As Christmas draws closer in these difficult times, I often think back to my experiences in Sydney, Australia; I was far from home and watching other people prepare for Christmas as I walked past people sleeping rough. I am thankful… Continue Reading →

Man With A Gun

I feel that this is one of my darkest songs, a song about a sadistic killer. I don’t know where the inspiration for song came from, I am hoping it was inspired by a movie that I watched and not something dark… Continue Reading →

It’s Alive

I can’t believe that this synth has been with me for over 30 years. I bought the Korg M1R when I got my record deal with BMG Records and it is still with me. I have been working on a song “Man With A… Continue Reading →

Love I Denied (Acoustic Version)

I have been working a long time trying to create a recording of this song that I would be happy to release. This is an acoustic version of my song Love I Denied which has been released in all the… Continue Reading →

Struggling to get my head around the passing of friends

This week has been hard. I feel that my world is disintegrating. I have lost a colleague at work, friend’s talented brother and all around me; there is a spectre of death. Oh great! Mortality is so fleeting. One day… Continue Reading →

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