Spending much of my early childhood in New Zealand made a big impression on me. The weather was good and the winter’s warmer. Out the back of where we lived in Auckland there was a little bamboo forest in which me and my friends used to play in. It was idyllic and to this day I miss it so much.

When my father decided that he needed to be back in England we went to a very different climate, but I used to go on walks from Hartlepool up to Dalton Piercy through the open fields and long grass and in that grass my brother and I would hide it the grass playing hide and seek. I miss those times too. Summer is my favourite time of the year, especially when I was a child with six weeks of school holidays. What is not to like? I know that in England we are not set up for summer, very few of us have air conditioning, but love the summer even if sometimes it can get a little too hot at times.

Verse 1
The sunlight dances, its everywhere.
The heat is burning but I don’t care.
Winter was far too long and now the summer’s here.
I love these summer days

Verse 2
The cool long grass is like a jungle here,
laying low we hide remembering
those childhood days when our dreams could be
in those sunny fields.

I see no clouds. It’s a clear blue day.
I love those summer days.

Verse 3
Down by the river I watch dragonflies
skimming by me, they just pass me by
The cool water tempts me to its side
I love these times

I see no clouds. It’s a clear blue day.
I love these summer days.

Verse 4
see children playing not far from me
I remember all the games, my fantasies
Although they’re past they’re still a part of me
my summer days

I see no clouds. It’s a clear blue day.
I love these summer days.

©2010 Words & Music John Hunter

The summer time goes far too quickly and a little piece of me dies when it goes. I really enjoyed recording this song and as I came to the end of recording the song, we have just had a rare occurance of endless blue skies, which made it a great time to shoot the video.

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Summer Days