Sometimes it is so difficult to find two minutes to yourself. I remember the silence of Sundays, the shops were closed, virtualy everyone was off work, the pubs and shops had restricted opening hours. No computers, next to nothing on the TV, I used to be so bored; now like everyone else I have become an information junky, even when I am watching a movie I am on my phone trying to find out the actor or directors name and what they have done rather than just enjoying the movie. At least when I go to the cinema I behave because of they say to turn my phone off. It is so easy these days to be distracted and I have noticed that so many people text rather than speaking, every two minutes there is a bing as a conversation is supposidly quietly going on.

Being of a certain age I can remember not having a phone, if I wanted to phone someone I had to find a phone box and that would cost me money that I didn’t really have or write a letter. The best option was if they were local was to walk around and actually see people after all there was nothing on TV and no video player either. Yes I remember those times. Memories are funny and I realise now that just because I was bored to death that me going around to see them, didn’t necessarily mean that they were ready for visitors. I have been called unsociable, I am very sociable that is on my own terms, which is generally when I am going out and not deep entrenched in my own plans.

We depend on phones, tablets, computers; I couldn’t do my work without one but they are invasive and yes I feel like phones are like a ball and chain; no matter where you are bad news can easily find you and distroy your plans. When I go to see my godchildren, they are so engrosed in their tablets/phones they don’t even look up when I walk in the room; it is if I was a ghost! So if you haven’t heard the song, why not? What are you waiting for? It has been released on Spotify, Amazon, ITunes etc.

Verse 1
We sit in the room and the tv’s on
No one’s watching so why is it on
I feel alone and I wonder where the love has gone?
We no longer share the things that turned it on

Verse 2
I turn to you, and you’re far away
on your phone, its like a ball and chain
Our world has changed and things  they aint the same.
The world has changed and there’s no ones to blame.

I love you, but I hate the way life’s changed
I love you and I know nothing stays the same

We try our best to make the evening good
We  try our best and it’s understood
The candles lit and I’m sat here on my own
The phone it rings and and it is if I was alone

I love you, but I hate the way life’s changed
I love you and I know nothing stays the same

Verse 4
It’s not you it is the world today,
Look at the kids they are all the same.
No one knows the silence of the Sunday’s gone
We are now strangers in our family, the world’s moved on

I love you, but I hate the way life’s changed
I love you and I know nothing stays the same

2020 Words & Music John Robert Hunter


I love recording this song, the song came together really quick. It is one of the few songs that I wrote at the same time as I recorded it, which is possibly why it came together so quickly