Truth & Lies

Truth & Lies

Verse 1
My confession,
A guilty mind.
So many secrets,
so many lies.
Pride and passion,
The scales are tilted to one side.
Reckless obsession,
Sinful pleasure,
hard to fight.
Truth and Lies.

Verse 2
No redemption,
I know what’s wrong
and what is right.
What if this,
and what if that.
One night of passion,
It would wreck not just my life.
This fascination,
Is no good and that’s a fact.
Truth and lies.

What would I sacrifice?
The Truth is hard to fight,
That my life is just a lie.
I hide behind these lies,
To myself I justify,
And now it’s me I do despise.

Truth and lies.

(c) 2000 Words & Music John Hunter