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404 Album Foreign Land

Breaking Out

I love gangster movies, especially the classic old black and white ones like James Cagney in the movie “White Heat” or “Public Enemy” have something that the modern gangster movies don’t. People back at the time of the American gangster spoke different, they had different values, whenever you see a modern movie set in those times, they also carry the … Continue reading

John Hunter & Paul Moore in New Zealand

Have You No Shame

I see people here in England getting passionate about how England is in the wrong for invading Iraq, having troops in Afghanistan and some of these people seem to support become terrorists themselves in what they see as a justified cause. Now I personally feel that our troops should not be in these countries, but at the same time I … Continue reading

Here Comes The Night

The song “Here Comes The Night” was one of those songs I wrote to have two storylines. I wrote it from the the idea of how people prowl the bars at night, looking for excitment, attachments etc, only finding there true selves after work, but I also wrote it from the view point of how a preditor such as a … Continue reading

Video: Shadow of the Gun

Video: Where Do I Go?


The song “Sarah” was the my third song, it is a simple love song that displays and innocence I no longer feel I have. I cannot imagine that I could write a song like this today, it has almost a feeling it could have been played at Woodstock. The song didn’t fit with what was happening in the 80s and … Continue reading

The Band 404

In 1983 Lee had moved from guitar to bass all we needed was a drummer. Paul Stirk was our first drummer and played on our first demo that we recorded at an 8 Track Recording Studio in Bridlington, Yorkshire that was famed for recording Joy Division. The demo consisted of 3 songs, a very punk version of “Moving On” which … Continue reading

404 Album Foreign Land

Foreign Land

It is funny how a conversation can inspire the writing of a song. I had met a boy in 1989 and he had told me on how he had came to England, he told me of his imprisonment of his family for trying to flee their homeland, very sad. Then on the news they were speaking about the hand over … Continue reading

404 Album Foreign Land


The unreleased 404 CD, which was produced by 404 and Rupert Hine in 1990. 404 were signed by BMG Records in 1989, but the recording was held back due to Rupert Hine’s other commitments, which delayed the start of the recording for six months and it could be said that it was the cause of the of this album not … Continue reading

404: HYPE

Hype was written after gaining the attention of Rupert Hine and his Manager Geof Jukes. It was a very exciting and creative period. The songs to look out for on this collection are “Here Comes The Night,” a song written about vampires or maybe just people who only live for the night. “Killers In The Dark” is a song about … Continue reading