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Bruce Springsteen’s Brilliant Disguise

Twenty twenty was supposed to be the year that I returned to performing live. I have even bought a new amp. Of course, I already had my beautiful Musicman 210RD, but that amp maybe good for playing my electric guitar through but no good for small… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let This Moment Leave Us

This song came in a dream, which woke me, and I wrote it down. I think that this is the only song that I have written this way, sure I have had songs that come to me in dreams, but none other… Continue Reading →

My First Gig And How It Changed Me

I thought on the back of my last post I would upload the video of our live performance of We’ll Leave This Town.   This video was 404’s first gig prior performed at The Station Hotel in Billingham January 19th, 1990…. Continue Reading →

The Last Song (I Want To Dance With You)

It is a funny thing relationships, sometimes you can be together with the one you love and yet there may has well be an ocean between you. Was it something that you said, did they think that you were looking… Continue Reading →


This is another one of my personal favourites, as it lets me slip inside the soul of someone else. The inspiration comes out of watching movies like “The Midnight Cowboy” and the feel of desperation that can be felt in… Continue Reading →

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