This came out of watching documentaries on the plight of the rain forests, the killing of dolphins and whales  People are still making their fortunes and forsaking the rest of us to whatever world wide future and I wonder will are movies like Elysium going to become the way it will be? After all If you are rich enough you can have you second, third house or whatever anywhere. Money provide the rich with the perfect smile, the best medicines while the rest of us have to deal with what is left. I look at the financial problems of Europe how Greece and other countries are in dire straits and I wonder about the money that they owe, the interest that they are paying and who is actually benefiting from this? The banks have encouraged the countries into debt in the first place after all that is how they make money. Someone is definitely getting very rich out of this.

We need to look after our planet, our environment but the problem is that the people who are in charge are the people who have investments in the very thing that is exploiting our planet and that leaves me wondering what can one man do, if you the people refuse to change?

I would like to create a powerful video to go with this but it is proving difficult to get hold of the footage showing the floods, the murder of whales and dolphins, the destruction of forests etc. If anyone can help me with the creation of a video for this song please get in touch via my Facebook page



This was recorded in 2019 in support for the people who are protesting against climate change and the unneccessary killing of animals.

The guitar on this song was played by Mark Shipton.


Earth Today

Verse 1 
The Dying Earth is quiet as a grave,
she don't moan, she just fades away.
her children laugh, her wicked children play,
at getting rich, regardless of her pain.

What can one man do,
if you people, you refuse to change?
You're all too busy anyway,
who's got time to save the earth today?

Verse 2
Her face polluted by the acid rain,
her skin is open for us to cut away.
We don't do nothing except killing for its sake,
and we ain't caring for the earth today.

What can one man do,
if you people, you refuse to change?
You're all too busy anyway,
who's got time to save the earth today?

(c) 1990 Words & Music John Hunter
(p) 2019 Sentric Music

This is the first song to be commercially availble to purchase on Google Play


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