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My first bass guitar

It has been a long time since I had the opportunity to work with a good bass player. The last bass player that I recorded and performed with was Tony Stewart, he was great to work with and if things had… Continue Reading →

Migration to a Foreign Land

Don’t read this, I am bored and trying to write something that probably should be left unsaid, especially if my wife had anything to do with it. But it is a blog and I should write something. I wish I could… Continue Reading →

Those Brown Eyes

This is one of my top favourite songs from the 404 era. The song has a great energy and I have always had fun performing this song and what makes it even more unusual I was not the principle writer… Continue Reading →

Breaking Out

I love gangster movies, especially the classic old black and white ones like James Cagney in the movie “White Heat” or “Public Enemy” have something that the modern gangster movies don’t. People back at the time of the American gangster… Continue Reading →

I Turn Away

The backgound story to “I Turn Away” comes from while we were in London recording our album, I noticed the how many beggers and homeless people there were, it shocked me and shamed me. I can understand how people faced with… Continue Reading →

Earth Today

This came out of watching documentaries on the plight of the rain forests, the killing of dolphins and whales  People are still making their fortunes and forsaking the rest of us to whatever world wide future and I wonder will… Continue Reading →

Video: Shadow of the Gun

Foreign Land

It is funny how a conversation can inspire the writing of a song. I had met a boy in 1989 and he had told me on how he had came to England, he told me of his imprisonment of his… Continue Reading →

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