When I found the girl I loved, I had to adjust, life had not been kind to her. I didn’t realise how fragile women are. She was hurting and I was unable to take her away from it. I had no magic wand, just my love and as much as I wanted to take here away, I had no funds to do so. All I had was the wish to do so.

Verse 1
I want to be there to soften you pain,
Inside you’re crying and I’m helpless, it’s so insane.
I’m helpless, yes once again.
I know what it feels like to be torn up inside.
I wish I could promise that things would turn out right,
but I never want to lie.

Verse 2
I kiss your lips, I feel you want to reach out.
but you’re scared of flying, and you feet never leave the ground.
You’re chained to your world of doubt.
You say you love me, but you won’t let me in.
Words are illusions, it’s actions that show they’re meant,
and still you won’t let me in.

Last night I saw a falling star,
placed a wish upon it,
but who know where it lands
wishes do what wishes can.
Last nigh I held you in these arms,
placed a kiss upon you lips,
but who knows where I stand.
wishes do what wishes can.

Verse 3
I want to protect you, sweep you up in these arms.
Fly you away to an island of sand and palms.
Far from the world of harm.
I want to take you away from it all,
far from this madness, it’s a wish on falling star.
A wish on a fallings star.

Some people are evil, their tounges are like steele knives,
cutting you up, but don’t let them get inside.
I know that they hurt you, but don’t you believe their lies.
It’s a matter of vision, if you could see it through these two eyes,
you’d make the decission, these people ain’t worth your time.
It’s a matter of vision, it’s how we see our lives.

Verse 4
I want to tell you that everything’s alright,
no one can hurt you, not while you are by my side,
but there’s confict behind those eyes.
I want to show you, you can live again.
Sweep away your sorrows, and show you this ain’t the end.
Now you can start again.

Wishes do what wishes can.
Wishes do what wishes can.
Wishes do what wishes can.

(c) 1992 Words & Music John Hunter