The Rising is a totally remarkable album. For me “The Rising” placed Bruce Springsteen back on the map.

I am a big fan of Bruce and his influence in my songs can be heard in songs such as “We’ll Leave This Town” and many others. The thing that attracts me to his songs is the storytelling from the first person perspective that makes you feel, believe and emphasis with the characters in the songs. I have bought many DVD’s of his live shows which takes me to places that live performances seldom can do. It is my opinion that after the album “Tunnel of Love” that he some how lost focus and sometimes it takes a catastrophe to provide a writer with a subject worth writing about, marriages falling apart, death of loved ones, in Bruce Springsteen’s case it was attack against America on September 11th that provided Bruce with that material. “The Fuse” is my favourite song on the album, but there are so many others such as “Empty Sky”, “The Nothing Man”, “Mary’s Place”. If you are only going to by one Springsteen Album which is not going to be a compilation you should seriously consider The Rising.