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Nothing Stays The Same (I hate that life has changed!)

Sometimes it is so difficult to find two minutes to yourself. I remember the silence of Sundays, the shops were closed, virtualy everyone was off work, the pubs and shops had restricted opening hours. No computers, next to nothing on… Continue Reading →

Won’t You Please Come Back

This is one of my favourite songs and was written back in 1983 and it has taken this long to finally release it and now you can find on Spotify, Amazon Music.iTunes. I was asked about this song recently and… Continue Reading →

To Be With You

“You see yourself, you see only faults” What do you say to the one you love, when they don’t believe that you want to be with them and that you want someone else? How many times to we have to… Continue Reading →

Are you far from the person you love?

My wife and I don’t get as much time together as we would both wish, external forces such as family commitments and financial reasons have in the past ten or so years have kept us apart. Tonight I am sitting… Continue Reading →

Living This Way

I wrote this song when I was working away so it is a song that is very much a song that is close to my heart. Separation is never easy for lovers, and for me I found it a difficult time…. Continue Reading →

More To Life

Life is tough and we must make choices, sometimes those choices are for love and sometimes not. What are we but slaves to the machine? What was the line in that song that Sting sung? If you love someone set… Continue Reading →

I Don’t Think That I Can Live With This

Relationships are difficult, made even more difficult without trust. How does the saying go? The more you try to hold onto something the quicker it will slip through your fingers. Sometimes I had really been so close to walking away,… Continue Reading →

Still Crazy In Love

We are not that far off from being married for 30 years, 27 years who would have guessed that we would survive this long? Time flies by, so many things change and yet stay the same. I wrote my song… Continue Reading →

No Matter

Sometimes the world just gets you down, you look outside and world looks as miserable as you feel, but the rain clouds won’t stay and if you are with someone special they can make all the difference. Love to me… Continue Reading →

Let Me See

I wrote this song when I was 20 years old. It was my first song and when I performed it, I always thought that it didn’t fit in with the Rock’n Roll/ punk/new wave/anything. It is an innocent song from… Continue Reading →

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