My wife and I don’t get as much time together as we would both wish, external forces such as family commitments and financial reasons have in the past ten or so years have kept us apart. Tonight I am sitting alone while my wife is on night duty, I am using this time to write this post. I have just finished recording and mixing my song Living This Way which is now released on the digital platforms such as SpotifyAmazoniTunes, etc. This is a deeply personal song for me as it was written at a time that I had to work away from home. The time spent travelling to work, plus the cost of fuel, meant that it was cheaper to get a room Monday to Friday, than to travel home. The emotional aspect of this separation was underlined when we would call each other via Skype or FaceTime; it felt like we were in prison, looking through the glass but not being able to touch and give a hug. My wife would tell me how lonely she felt, waiting for my calls. She told me that the house was so empty without me, and when I asked her about what she was having for dinner, I could see that she was not eating properly, her excuse was that it was not the same cooking for one. Unlike me she is easily put off her food by things and is probably one of the reasons why she is still so thin, where as I am the opposite and therefore more likely to eat or drink to make me feel better. I was fortunate to only be away from home Monday to Friday and it does make me think of how lucky I was. I would jump in the car and travel home to my Susie, some people are not so lucky their loved ones may have to be away for a lot longer.

I hope that you like listening to my song and hope that you can empathise with the lyrics. You can find the lyrics to Living This Way here on this website or if you just wish to play the song you can click on the provided links SpotifyAmazoniTunes, etc., so if you like its you can add the song to your playlist or buy it on iTunes, Amazon etc. Let me know your thoughts by either leaving a comment or catch up with me on one of the social media platforms.

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