I can’t believe that this synth has been with me for over 30 years. I bought the Korg M1R when I got my record deal with BMG Records and it is still with me. I have been working on a song “Man With A Gun” and the recording is going well, guitar, vocals and the rest of the mix all done but there is just a sound I just cannot get, and I am struggling to find that sound. I dug out my Zoom Fire 7010 multi-effects unit in the hope that the sound would be there, but unfortunately, I didn’t find it, so I turned to my old Korg M1R Music Workstation, which since I go my iMac and started using Logic Pro has just sat on my desk gathering dust. I turned it on only to find a message internal battery error. No worries, I have now replaced the internal battery and restored its original sound library. Tomorrow I will connect my M-Audio Keystation88 and look for that sound, if I don’t find the sound, I still will have had a lot of fun playing with my vintage toys.