I hate living away from home, every night we rely on Skype or FaceTime to communicate, but sometimes the thing that happens to hopefully everyone we say either the wrong thing or not say something we were supposed to say and we sit there and stew, eventually picking up the phone to say we are sorry, but that phone keeps on ringing. Lets face it, no matter how old we get we are still kids, big kids who should know better and who stumble though life making the best of it. I have met many people who’s relationships have ended and I hope that our marriage will work although we still have rows, we are getting better at resolving our misunderstandings.

I don’t know what I would do with Susie, I know that I am lucky to have her in my life.

Verse 1
You hurt me last niight,
it got out of control.
I think we both lost sight
of what we both know
I wish we didn’t fight,
I need someone to hold
You are my light!
You are my hope!

I’m calling, I’m hurting,
please answer, answer the phone

Verse 2
You are making me sad,
you are doubting my words
I wish things weren’t so bad,
I wish we could get past the hurt.
Love of my life,
don’t put out this flame.
You are my light,
my passion unchained.

Chorus II
I’m calling, I’m hurting,
please answer, answer the phone
I’m calling, we’re both hurting,
please answer, let me come home.

(c) 2012 words & music by John Robert Hunter


This is still at the rough demo stage, the problem when you record songs alone is that there is never anyone to bounce off so it is a matter of listening to it and when you are detached from it.

I have done some more work on this song but I have yet to get the mix right, cause I am focused on other songs. If there are any musicians or engineers who what to team up, give me a shout and we will see how it goes.