One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t either choose my friends carefully enough or that I made the ones I had turn their backs on me. I know I am obsessive, especially about music, when I am not doing it I get twitchy. You could say that I am a music junkie. I have often thought that the reason I don’t have many true friends is that it is purely down to the social circles I live in and down to the limitation of the fact that musicians like actors have a habit of being a little self obsessed. Lets face it going in front of a crowd and performing your own material is not done my life’s wall flowers. Life is very transient we meet people we get along with only to see them move away as they follow their own path. Facebook at least has been great in keeping some communication going, it is great to see how people are getting on. The only constant in my past 20 years has been my wife Susie, she is my friend and lover, her love has provide a refuge in the storm. I have been lucky in choosing my partner in life’s dance. I feel her love has kept me safe.

Verse 1
In these hard time we chose our friends
the dice is rolled and rolled again
Changes come along, time is moving on
Like strangers met upon a train,
some we’ll never see again.
The train pulls us along and this singer sings his song

Everyone moves , they walk away
Nothing is constant, things always change
Just cherish the ones who want to stay
Love will keep you save

Verse 2
Choose your partner come for this dance
or stand alone and lose your chance.
this song is moving on and then it will be gone
Love is life and life is love.
without that look at what you’ve got
Love will keep you warm, through the coldest, darkest storm

Everyone moves , they walk away
Nothing is constant, things always change
You cherish the ones who stay, while they remain
Love will keep you save

Love will keep you safe

I hope that my love will in turn keep the people I love safe too.


This is my first recording of this song, I am in the process of recording the song and building on  some of the themes that are present. If there are any musicians out their who would like to work on this song with me let me know.