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To Be With You

“You see yourself, you see only faults” What do you say to the one you love, when they don’t believe that you want to be with them and that you want someone else? How many times to we have to… Continue Reading →

I’ve Got You Beat

When I was young, I saw things very much in black and white. I thought that I could protect myself with legal contracts and that people really cared about the truth but I found out that a legal contract is… Continue Reading →

Man With A Gun

I feel that this is one of my darkest songs, a song about a sadistic killer. I don’t know where the inspiration for song came from, I am hoping it was inspired by a movie that I watched and not something dark… Continue Reading →

I Need Your Love

When you feel that your world is falling apart as John Lennon wrote “Love is the Answer” The love from the people who love you can help you get through it. This song was written in such a time. Verse… Continue Reading →

Lost in the Night

Nothing worse than havin an argument at home and feeling there is nowhere to go. This song for all those who find themselves lost in the night trying to decide whether to run or stay. Verse OneHere I am, I’m… Continue Reading →

Killers in the Dark

There have been so many good movies about vigianties, serial murders that continue to tap into our fear of the night and what may lie there. All these movies imply that the police were under manned, that even when they… Continue Reading →


This is one of my favourite songs that I recorded with my old band and one that I am most proud of. I love the arrangement, there are shades of Genesis about it. The song was written after I watched… Continue Reading →

What Do You Do?

I love this song, even after all these years it still resonates. It is one of the last songs that we recorded, and I love the guitar work on this song. It is ironic that musically we were getting better, closer to being what we wanted to… Continue Reading →

Living This Way

I wrote this song when I was working away so it is a song that is very much a song that is close to my heart. Separation is never easy for lovers, and for me I found it a difficult time…. Continue Reading →


I still love this song after all these years, not lot has changed. The press/media build up things to sell papers or to gain more viewers, not caring about the truth as it doesn’t sell their product. They will paint… Continue Reading →

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