This is a strange post to write, political. People fought for very different reasons, revenge, to protect their homes and way of life, because they were told that it was the right thing to do. A dic(k)tator took control of a country and played its audience to its weakness, he was a charismatic man who held rallies, he put all the blame one everybody but himself. the country stood behind this man and went to war. He told lies to promote his cause and because nobody ever checked the facts they believed him. So many people died on all sides. Germany was ripped apart.

Germany is a lot like the USA in some ways in the sense that it was sort of a United States of Germany, but unlike Germany the United States was united much earlier, it has freedom of choice and things written into the constitution to protect it, although I still cannot understand how in a country that is famed for its lawyers that people can get away from lying without being sent to prison, but I digress. Germany went on to invade most of Europe on the premise of the master race. White supremacy, think KKK but with German accents.

I was watching a TV show about the rise of the Kray Brothers and how the impact of the war basically started their empire and how it contradicted to the positive songs of the time. The people who died and sacrificed their live either willingly or not. They grew up and lived in strange times where information was suppressed. It is scary to think that there are still political leaders out there who don’t believe in the freedom of the press.

Don’t get me wrong back her in the UK we have newspapers who have a legal team ready just before they lie, so that they can sell their newspapers. But to tar all journalists with the same brush, I think is wrong. If a newspaper is caught repeatedly telling lies, then they are not a newspaper, they are scaremongers, liars.. the worst kind of people. The exploit misery to make money. I personally think that they should be shut down.

News should be about the truth, not lies!

Anyway as my bit for VE Day I am I am going to list four of my favourite war time movies that spring to mind right now. Why haven’t I chosen new movies. Well the people in these movies lived it and we didn’t.