I love the summer, it goes to quickly. It doesn’t help that I am always inside recording music or studying some topic or another. Why can’t summer be there when you want it? I guess I was just born in the wrong country. Looking at all the home movies I have taken over the past couple of years I have watch the children grow up running through the flowers taking joy in the freedom that summer brings and it makes me remember my own childhood in New zealand the games I played with my friends running through our little wood that was at the back of where we lived, racing lollypop sticks down the river; many happy times.



Produced and recorded by John Hunter

These Summer Days

These Summer Days

Verse 1
The sunlight dances, its everywhere.
The heat is burning but I don’t care.
Winter was far too long and now the summer’s here.
I love these summer days

Verse 2
The cool long grass is like a jungle here,
laying low we hide remembering
those childhood days when our dreams could be
in those sunny fields.

I see no clouds. It’s a clear blue day.
I love these summer days.

Down by the river I watch dragonflies
skimming by me, they just pass me by
The cool water tempts me to its side
I love these times
I see children playing not far from me
I remember all the games, my fantasy
Although they’re past they’re still a part of me
my summer days

I see no clouds. It’s a clear blue day.
I love these summer days.

©2010 Words & Music John Hunter

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