This is one of my early solo recordings. Despite the recording many flaws it has an innocence that I would find difficult to recreate.

Verse 1
Darkness it draws in quickly,
shadows they fall around me
and here you are back in my arms.
When you are here besides me
you cause a change within me
I love love is all its like a drug

Verse 2
You smile I’m lost completely
helpless I’m caught don’t hurt me
I want for us to never part
I love you much believe me
I need your touch, so hold me
I need you now oh so much

Hold me I need you tonight
Stay with me stay by my side
Everything now feels so right
I’veĀ ever been this much in love.

Please understand my feelings
at your command you see me
You made me all that I know am
When you are here beside me
You cause a change within me
Your love is all its like a drug
Your love is all


The recording of this song is was done on our analogue recording studio, there is unfortunately a great deal of his in this mix.