Growing up is never easy and it is often made harder by parents seeing a teenager’s need for independence as rejection.

Being tidy is not in my nature, although I do like for things to be tidy. For some the compulsion to clean and tidy up is natural. I do envy them. My mother always used to say that I should look at something and realise that it needed cleaning and I shouldn’t need to be told. Unfortunately my focus has always been on other things. I don’t think that it is because I am lazy, far from it I am always working on something, there just are never enough hours in the day.

Everything moves in cycles, I find myself repeating things my parents used to say to me. Now rather than my parents bugging me it is now the kids that bug me.

I look at my godchildren and see myself and feel like shouting IF YOU ARE NOT USING IT, PUT IT AWAY!

Yeah I guess the shoe is definitely on the other foot 🙁

It is even harder for me as I still feel that I haven’t given up on being a child, I haven’t grown up the way I thought I would and become a different person. I still love the things I did as a teenager plus all the new stuff that are around such as my PS3, iPhone, iPad and computers.

Now I am older I see I am definitely not alone in this, look at Jeremy Clarkson for example does he look or act as we would think was mature? Life is far too short one minute you are the child next minute you are looking after the child. This I guess is all part of the cycle of live.

Verse 1
Mother shouts go on get out.
I raised a lout, don’t talk back to me.
The hoover’s out, she cleans the house,
I know that house means more to her than me.
Is this big world going to chew me up,
or is it going to be the family?

Verse 2
I get up, I go to work,
I come home late, what a tragedy.
The week it ends, I’m supping up.
I’m throwing up, I’m in bad books again.
Is this big world going to chew me up,
or is it going to be the family?

Parents said I’m dreaming,
No use stop your scheming.
Don’t disgrace your family,
Work hard, be upstanding.
Your dreams are just a hobby.
You’ll never have no money.
They say they ought to know.
After all they are my family.

Verse 3
The world it turns, and I return.
There’s no escape, the circle is complete.
We fall in love, we settle down.
We have some kids, and we’ve got a family.
Is this big world going to chew me up,
or is it going to be the family?

(c) 1990 Words & Music John Hunter