This week has been hard. I feel that my world is disintegrating. I have lost a colleague at work, friend’s talented brother and all around me; there is a spectre of death. Oh great! Mortality is so fleeting. One day you are 20 the next day you are not. I still can’t shake the urge not to phone my dad and tell him what is going on in my life, have chuckle. It is hard knowing that opportunity has gone forever. I know that I am not alone in facing this new reality.

When I released my song “When Death Divides” I put up a little video with it that included home movies taken through out the years. The is now a part of him that will never die. My friend’s brother, Kev who incidentally was a great guitarist and a wonderful human being, always fast with a smile has left a legacy of his own on YouTube. I was watching him the other day, it is satisfying knowing that in some way his memory will live on.

This week we also lost Bobby Ball, Geoffrey Palmer and Sean Connery.

None of us know how long we have left with the ones that we love so remember before you go to sleep, before you or they leave to say that you love them as you never know what is around the corner. If in doubt listen to my song, let it remind you that we are all but ships in the night and in the morning the opportunity may be gone.