Rory Gallagher’s album is a very personal one. It was recorded at Maison Rouge Recording Studios in London while my band 404 were recording our album with Rupert Hine for BMG Records. While recording our album Foreign Land, which I have got to say was not the best experience of my life I often came out of the our studio into the common area just for a breather. From the adjacent studio there was Rory having a great time recording his album, this was evident by the whoops that could be heard while he was recording his guitar licks. I count myself lucky to be one of the few people who have been in the position to here this album in the raw and it was great. Up until that point I was not a fan of Rory, in fact when I bumped into him I didn’t know who he was. We had a few beers together and spoke about music, how many people get a chance to do that with someone of his musical standing. Anyway I loved listening to the creation of this album that I went out and bought it, I even got it signed while we were both in Nomis Studios while he was rehearsing for his gig and we still trying to get our album finished. If you like the blues, give this a listen.

My personal favourite songs are “Heaven’s Gate” and “Middle Name”.

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