With Covid19 changing everyone’s plans and leaving most of us wondering where we will be next year. I have gone and bought myself yet another amp! I already had what I feel was one too many for my needs so why did I choose to buy another amp? I love my MusicMan 210RD One Hundred, I bought it back in the 80s and I have never really played it as much as it deserves due to how loud it is and how now record my music. It is very heavy as most valve amps are.  

I don’t really know why I went out and bought the Fender Pro 185 amp, it is another very loud amp that weighs a ton, it went on a lot of gigs in the north east with my second band “The Stinking Badgers”. But neither of these amps are really any good to put vocals through, nor are they designed for acoustic guitars so I decided that if I wanted to back to performing live, I would need to have look to getting something small that could help be do that.  

I looked at many amps and watched many reviews, originally, I was looking at the Roland Cube Street. I watch a great demo of the different versions on YouTube by Bryant Payton and he helped me realise that my initial choice of amp didn’t really sound as good as it’s big brother the Roland Cube Street EX. If I was to go live, then I needed to sound the best that I could, so I decided to focus on looking at reviews for the Roland Cube Street Ex. It has a load of cool features and I was sure that this was the amp for me until I watched this YouTube video by AStringsUK that was when I heard just how good the Fishman amps sounded. I fell in love with the amp. I did more searching on YouTube and I was impressed by everything I heard. I could take it anywhere it was light and did everything I wanted, that was going to be the amp for me until I heard it’s big brother the Fishman Artist, it is not a busking amp but it for me has a better sound and features.  

I was concerned about the getting this amp delivered as there are so many things that we can’t get because of the COVANT19 lockdown; maybe I would purchase it and they wouldn’t deliver. Thankfully I needn’t have worried I bought it from Andertons Music and it was delivered on time.  

The power of YouTube is amazing, and it has definitely helped me with my buying decisions as you can see from this blog. Andertons for example have an excellent review show on YouTube, which is both informative and entertaining, Now I have my new amp I can’t wait to start using it, I will put something up so you can see how I am getting on with it.