I spend a lot of my time driving and I love to listen to audiobooks. Over the past seven years I have come across some amazing books. My current favourite authors are Orson Scott-Card, Kim Harrison, Pittacus Lore, Charlene Harris & James Patterson. I love science fiction/fantasy, not so keen on horror or thrillers, living in a spooky old house is one thing but to read about things that go bump in the night is another.

The Lorien Legacies are a series of books by Pittacus Lore (the pseudonym of James Frey and Jobie Hughes).  I came across the books after watching the movie “I AM NUMBER FOUR” I enjoyed the movie but the books are so much more. I worked my way through all the available books in the series and I am really looking forward to listening to the next book in the series that I am hoping will come out next year.

Orson Scott-Card, I came across this author after watching Ender’s Game, the movie was good enough to get me to checkout the book of the same name and then once hooked I went though all his available books So far there are 16 books and I am really looking forward to his next book in the series. When I ran out of books I checked out other books he has written. The MitherMages series –   covers similar ground that say the book Percy Jackson series does but he puts a different slant on it which kept me wanting more. I am now waiting for sequel to The Gate Thief.

The Treasure Box – is really good, not usually something I would read, as I said I am not usually into horror, although it features ghosts, witches and the a demon it is more of a mystery than just a gore-fest.

The first James Patterson book I listened to was the book “The Beach House“, it is a good mystery after that I worked my way through his mutant teen series Maximum Ride Series.

I had enjoyed Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series but loved he novel “The Host” it is a different and more engaging take on the body snatchers. As a lot of the book is in the dialogue between the host and the alien I thought that this would be a difficult book to bring to the big screen but the movie version is also in my collection.

Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan books are about a world similar to our own but Pixies, Elves, Vampires, Witches and Werewolves are real and have made themselves known to the world and live openly protected by civil rights and all that. The books have titles that have a similarity to Clint Eastwood movies. The latest book is “The Witch With No Name”.

Sookie Stackhouse series of books written by Charlaine Harris is best know due to the TV series True Blood, but as good as the TV series is, it is only based on these books, so go ahead and pick up a copy starting with Dead Until Dark.

I have enjoyed many of Bernard Cornwell’s books, he is best know for his Richard Sharpe  series that was turned into a TV series starring Sean Bean. But my favourite books are is Arthurian trilogy which starts with the book The Winter King. George RR Martin’s book saga @Song of Fire & Ice” is a modern classic that has captured world attention especially due to the TV series that takes its title from the first book “Game of Thrones”.

Suzanne Collins Divergent series of books was good, but I think the first of the trilogy is the best,

I really like the Artemis Fowl series written by Irish author Eoin Colfer.

No book list would be complete would be without listing JRR Tolkin his books are the bench mark for fantasy books.