I have been watching people do their bare bones recordings of songs and some have been so awesome such as Elijah Vincent‘s rendition of “Whiskey & You” I thought that I would give it a try as a way to get back to performing live. Back in the day I didn’t go anywhere without my guitar, but then back then I couldn’t spend hours recording and it something that I would regularly sing for my wife, but there never seems to be enough time these days.

Before the Covid19 came in and destroyed everyone’s plans for 2020 I had planned to start performing at the Open Mic sessions in Salisbury and I have even joined the Facebook group Salisbury Open Mic Nights so I could see what was happening in my area. With the Covid19 lockdown; there are some amazing people doing whole sets, keeping their hand in while they wait for the lockdown to end.

Just to put it out there, I am principally a songwriter, I find myself more interested in telling the story expressing the mood, I play guitar good enough to record songs and while I love great musicians, I know that I will never be one as my love is for the song and unfortunately it distracts me from focusing on becoming a better musician. It doesn’t help me either as I feel that my style of music crosses genres, sometimes a guitar part calls for a Phil Collen (Def Leppard) other times it could be a Ry Cooder or Jason Mraz and it is difficult to find those qualities in a single guitarist, never mind me be anywhere near to being up to the task. It is very frustrating but I do the best that I can and in a recording environment I can get closer to my vision than when I am left to my own limited means.

So a bare bones recording of my song “Too Much A Gypsy” warts and all, shouldn’t be too hard if I could remember the lyrics, a couple of tries then. I have put up my first attempt of going back to a live format, without any reverb for my vocals, but I have to start practicing, so I may as well do it and share it as part of my warm up.

If any of you musicians can do a better cover, put it on YouTube and I will add it to the post and may even blog about you too.

I hope you like my song and check out my recorded version that is on Soundcloud.