Age Of Innocence is a song that was inspired by a birth in the family. When the first one comes we all know that changes will come, suddenly we will have to be responsible no more swanning off to places unknown at a drop of a hat. Our family unit is strong but it got me thinking what if the girl was alone without any support?

We shed our innocence as we learn life’s lessons, but it is true to say we can enjoy them as we watch our children play.

Verse 1
She sits alone with a dream that is broken,
Her silent tears are hid away.
And if she could fly, where would she go to?
Another time, another place.
She just stares into space and wipes the tear from her face.
and sheds her age of innocence.

Verse 2
With the new dawning day, peoples words still they haunt her.
See it’s so strange how people shy away.
What use is their love? When she needs them the leave her.
A strangers face has took their place.
She feels the wind on her face, it’s the dawn of the day.
and the end to innocence.

She’s tough, she knows that she will survive.
She’s tough, she knows she don’t need a guy,
she can get by, for she’s not so innocence.

Verse 3
She sits alone a new dream she is holding.
In her arms a smiling face.
There’s a tear on her face, but it isn’t sadness.
It’s now joy that’s took it’s place.
She just stares into space and wipes the tear from her face.
a new age of innocence.

©1997 Words & Music John Robert Hunter


This was recorded on my old 4 track back in 1997