This song is dedicated to my great aunty Bet. Prior to my wife, she was the person who loved me most. She had a generous heart and was always there for my mother, brother and I.

When she died in hospital I went into deep shock, these lyrics express how I felt and still feel today.



When Death Divides

When Death Divides

Verse One
In the quiet I sit alone,
I feel a tear well up inside
and I feel cold, I feel so alone.
As a child, you held my hand,
and when I cried, you'd understand,
but now you're gone, it's hard to go on.

We spend our lives, just taking for granted,
abusing our loved oneds, sharing or caring enough.
When death divides us, there's pain and there's sorrow.
the madness strikes and there's no way to turn back time.

Verse Two
Part of our lives, comes to an end,
the quiet times bring them back again.
We feel the pain, the sadness remains.
The years they pass and I get by,
but the truth is I never thought that you would die.
I keep asking why?

You maybe gone, but you still live on,
in my heart, in my heart.
You made me strong, made me what I become.
Brought the light to the dark,
to the dark.

When death divides us.

(c) 1989 Words & Music by John Hunter


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