Always Be The One

Relationships are difficult, I think especially for musicians. Music is a passion in itself, it could be seen as an addiction, it comes from the soul. It consumes a great deal of time that would normally spent with your loved one. I can no more ignore my need to write, record and play as a mother can ignore her children. … Continue reading

No Matter

Sometimes the world just gets you down, you look outside and world looks as miserable as you feel, but the rain clouds won’t stay and if you are with someone special they can make all the difference. Love to me means no matter what life throws at you at least you have someone who cares and loves you for who … Continue reading

Let Me See

I wrote this song when I was 20 years old. It was my first song and when I performed it I always thought that it didn’t fit in with where I felt my band were going. Eight years years later I did a synth version that soon sounded dated and once again not fitting in with the other songs. I … Continue reading

Won’t You Please Come Back

This is one of my favourite songs and was written while in 404. The song never really fit with the style of the times and what we thought that 404 was about. It is a shame really because it is such a good song and one that I play regularly. My YouTube Channel  

Run If You Want

This is an recording of this song, I am currently working on two new versions of this song.  

I Need Your Love

When you feel that your world is falling apart as John Lennon wrote “Love is the Answer” The love from the people who love you can help you get through it. This song was written in such a time.  

The Hardest Step

I still love this song after 31 years. There is never enough time to record my music and it has taken 31 years to return to a song that I had quickly put down on a 4 track. I was so shy when I wrote this song, there were girls I liked but at that time lacked the confidence to … Continue reading

I Want To Dance With You

Can’t believe that so many years have gone by. Thirty years ago, before the record deal, before I went to Australia. It is a shame that my old band never got to record it. I love this song especially dancing to it with my wife. Its a good song to end a show and a good excuse to hold the … Continue reading

Distant Lights

Rebuilding your life when all you treasured has gone is hard, sure the drink helps you get through the night but you still are alone. The distant lights tempt you but can you go on while still grieving?  

The Weekend

Working long hours I long to get away and find some time for myself, time to do what makes me feel free and time to be with my wife. My YouTube Channel  

What’s Going On?

This song was recorded in the run up to recording our album Foreign Land  

Teenage Thing

Teenagers are such hard work, girls are especially hard. I remember when my little god daughter would always give me a cuddle, as a teenager I sometimes think that she has devolved and lost the power of speech. I see so many people who live for their kids attaching to their lives rather than letting the kids just join theirs. … Continue reading

My Wicked Way

Don’t Give Up

This was written while I was recording our album. It should have been the best time of my life after all we had our recording contract with BMG Records, we had Rupert Hine producing us, we had a music publishing contract with EMI, we were about to record at Metropolis Recording Studios in London where Queen, Paul McCartney you name … Continue reading

A Game For Fools

This simple two verse song was written before I met my lovely wife so if love is a game for fools, then I am a happy fool. Twenty plus years with my wife and my best friend not too bad.      

Good Friends

After the trials and tribulations of the end of the record contract, publishing deal, manager, my band and losing someone who I thought of as my best friend I looked around and found that not all was lost. I have found someone special to spend my life with and still had the support of friends, they were there for me … Continue reading

Your Love Is All

This is one of my early solo recordings. Despite the recording many flaws it has an innocence that I would find difficult to recreate.  

There’s Only You

I can’t believe that I wrote this song over 20 years ago. I spend a lot of the time driving and while driving I listen to either audiobooks or my music, sometimes and old song that I recorded long ago comes on , like “The Family” and I think I would like to rerecord it bring something different to it. … Continue reading

Keeping Our Dreams Alive (20 odd years)

It is hard to believe that we have now been married over 20 years. The world is moving around us, constantly changing but neither of us feel any different. I am still trying to deliver a better life for us and living away from home so much I so need to have that hug, to take her in my ams … Continue reading

Angels (I’ve Been So Alone)

I spent time in Sydney alone, thousands of miles from family and friends. Waking up on my birthday and having no one to share that day with me, made me feel isolated. I would walk the streets of the city passing the homeless and watching the all the Christmas lights being set up in the run up to Christmas affected … Continue reading

Wishes Do Where Do I Go?
Good Friends Riding On A Dark Cloud
One Way Traffic Foriegn Land
Kilers In The Dark Change
John Hunter Hype