Earth Today

The song Earth Today seems very poignant today with so many people now becoming increasingly aware of the damage that is happening to our Earth today. We were in Crete last year and we went on a boat trip with Rethymno cruises and the captain, Fanis Pavlopoulos showed us plastic that is now floating in our oceans. It really brings the message home when it is not on TV but right in front of you. We need to look after our planet, our environment but the problem is that the people who are in charge are the people who have investments in the very thing that is exploiting our planet and that leaves me wondering what can one man do, if you the people refuse to change? Some of the latest events that have caught my attention in the news are as follows including that Japan are now set to go back to murdering Whales, not that they really stopped.
I would like to create a powerful video to go with this but it is proving difficult to get hold of the footage showing the floods, the murder of whales and dolphins, the destruction of forests etc. If anyone can help me with the creation of a video for this song please get in touch via my Facebook page. Please check out my Instagram page if you wish to see the work I have done so far.
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