Earth Today

The song Earth Today seems very poignant today with so many people now becoming increasingly aware of the damage that is happening to our Earth today. We were in Crete last year and we went on a boat trip with Rethymno cruises and the captain, Fanis Pavlopoulos showed us plastic that is now floating in our oceans. It really brings … Continue reading

Video, Osmo Pocket,New Project

January got of to a busy start , an interesting time due to the arrival of my Osmo Pocket camera.Really looking forward to being able to capture more video footage to go with songs, it being so small will make it very useful to take out with me all the time. I am also using Instagram now to share a … Continue reading

A Video for Another Morning

Just put up a new version of Another Morning, I am hoping that I can get people to contribute short video clips of their mornings where ever they may be. I hope you all take time to listen to this song 🙂  

There’s Only You Revisited

Just finished my first recording of 2015 recorded using my new recording equipment which now includes an Epiphone Nighthawk, Apogee Jam, AKG Perception 220 condenser microphone, M-Audio Keystation 88es and Logic Pro X. I am looking forward to having a very creative 2015  

Rebuilding my music website

I have started to move my music website into a new format, which will make it more accessible. Due to the amount of song I have written it is going to take a long time to populate this website so I hope that you return soon. I am working on this site live, which I know is not very professional … Continue reading

Post 404

After the end of 404 I began to write songs with the performance of the song in mind, as much of the 404 music was difficult to reproduce live. My new band was named by Lee Russel, who had been 404 bass payer and now had gone back to playing lead guitar. We went by the name The Stinking Badgers … Continue reading

The Band 404

In 1983 Lee had moved from guitar to bass all we needed was a drummer. Paul Stirk was our first drummer and played on our first demo that we recorded at an 8 Track Recording Studio in Bridlington, Yorkshire that was famed for recording Joy Division. The demo consisted of 3 songs, a very punk version of “Moving On” which … Continue reading

Looking Back

Born November 10th 1961 in Hartlepool, Co Durham, England. In 1963 emigrated to New Zealand and after two attempts at making a home there in 1970 returned to England. Adjusting to life back in England was brutally hard, when I think of that time I am reminded of the scene in Oliver Twist were he is in the workhouse and … Continue reading

Wishes Do Where Do I Go?
Good Friends Riding On A Dark Cloud
One Way Traffic Foriegn Land
Kilers In The Dark Change
John Hunter Hype