Good Friends

John Hunter – Good Friends

While recording on the 404 album “Foreign Land” I was writing many songs that just did not feel like 404, they were generally lighter and more personal and I was in the between 1990 and 1991 I was very prolific, in that time I had wrote over 180 songs. These are a collection of some of those songs written in … Continue reading

Songs that I am currently working on

I am still busy recording new songs such as “The Weekend”, “20 Odd Years”, No Sound”, “Her Slave”, “Lost Without You” as well as updating older songs such as “Another Morning”, “We’ll Leave This Town”.  

John Hunter: TIME

Time is a collection songs which over time have proved themselves as favourites to many people. The songs are lyically strong and evocative. The music is reminiscent of artist such as Mark Knopfler or Bruce Springsteen with a down to earth attitude. The opening song is one of my all time favourites, especially on a Monday morning as I head … Continue reading

John Hunter: WHERE DO I GO?

A darker collection of songs, than Time. Songs that would have been definately included on a 404 album. Many of these songs are currently being revised so watch this space. There so many ¬†songs here that I love but if I was going to recommend and then for me the key songs to listen to are “Always Be The One”, … Continue reading

John Hunter: WISHES

“Wishes” includes songs that are more in the Springsteen vain, in as much the I feel they deal with the telling of a story. The title song I wrote for my wife Susie, we were going through some pretty hard times and this song said it all. These songs are one’s I generally choose to perform as the feedback is … Continue reading


This is more up beat than my normal style, the influence of The Beatles can be heard in a few of the songs, but “Come Down To Earth” strikes me as very John Lennon. “The Family” was written about my own experiences of growing up and dealing with my parents, it is such a popular song it is one that … Continue reading

404 One Way Traffic

These are a collection of the final recordings of 404 and contains some of my favourite 404 songs such as “One Way Traffic” and “Undercover” plus it contains three songs that I co-wrote with Paul Moore “Wasting My Time”, “Got To Hold On” and “The Way It Has To Me”. At least when 404 came to an end it wasn’t … Continue reading

404 Album Foreign Land


The unreleased 404 CD, which was produced by 404 and Rupert Hine in 1990. 404 were signed by BMG Records in 1989, but the recording was held back due to Rupert Hine’s other commitments, which delayed the start of the recording for six months and it could be said that it was the cause of the of this album not … Continue reading

John Hunter & Paul Moore in New Zealand


This collection of songs where written while we were choosing the definitive list of songs that would make it onto our album “Foreign Land” and it includes songs such as “Earth Today” which ecological message is no less relevant today. Other songs that stand out are “What’s Going On?”, “Change“, “I Turn Away” and “Have You No Shame”. I am … Continue reading

404: HYPE

Hype was written after gaining the attention of Rupert Hine and his Manager Geof Jukes. It was a very exciting and creative period. The songs to look out for on this collection are “Here Comes The Night,” a song written about vampires or maybe just people who only live for the night. “Killers In The Dark” is a song about … Continue reading

Wishes Do Where Do I Go?
Good Friends Riding On A Dark Cloud
One Way Traffic Foriegn Land
Kilers In The Dark Change
John Hunter Hype