404 One Way Traffic

  1. Fight To Survive
  2. Don't You Stop
  3. One Way Traffic
  4. Undercover "The String Pullers"
  5. Back In Chains
  6. Got To Hold On
  7. Loneliness Is Worse
  8. What Do You Do?
  9. Success
  10. The Joker
  11. The Way It Has To Be
  12. Wasting My Time

These are a collection of the final recordings of 404 and contains some of my favourite 404 songs such as “One Way Traffic” and “Undercover” plus it contains three songs that I co-wrote with Paul Moore “Wasting My Time”, “Got To Hold On” and “The Way It Has To Me”. At least when 404 came to an end it wasn’t due to the fact we were not writing any good material, it was purely down to the stress of ┬áthe aftermath of our Recording Contract going south.


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