404: HYPE

  1. Slaughter House
  2. Fight To Survive
  3. Killers In The Dark
  4. Raging Fire
  5. Dreamers
  6. Here Comes The Night
  7. She Stay's Home
  8. New Age
  9. Hype
  10.  Tears Fall
  11. Can't Wait
  12. I Cant Take Anymore Of This

Hype was written after gaining the attention of Rupert Hine and his Manager Geof Jukes. It was a very exciting and creative period. The songs to look out for on this collection are “Here Comes The Night,” a song written about vampires or maybe just people who only live for the night. “Killers In The Dark” is a song about fear and songs that would eventually find there way to be re recorded to be on the 404 album “Foreign Land”


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