404 Album Foreign Land
  1. New Age
  2. Those Brown Eyes
  3. Shadow Of The Gun
  4. I Don't Want To Talk
  5. Foreign Land
  6. Give All You Got
  7. Dreamers
  8. We'll Leave This Town
  9. Tears Fall
  10. Breaking Out
  11. Let Me Go

The unreleased 404 CD, which was produced by 404 and Rupert Hine in 1990. 404 were signed by BMG Records in 1989, but the recording was held back due to Rupert Hine’s other commitments, which delayed the start of the recording for six months and it could be said that it was the cause of the of this album not being released, before the change of management at BMG Records in New York. Recoding at Metropolis, was a blast as was Maison Rouge and Nomis.

The songs on this album included “Shadow of the Gun“, “Those Brown Eyes“, We’ll Leave This Town”, “Foreign Land” and “Tears Fall“.


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