John Hunter & Paul Moore in New Zealand
  1. Freedom
  2. Earth Today
  3. Have You No Shame
  4. Change
  5. This Is Me
  6. What I Am
  7. I Turn Away
  8. They Ain't Coming Round
  9. What's Going On
  10. Don't You Stop
  11. Lay Your Heart On Me

This collection of songs where written while we were choosing the definitive list of songs that would make it onto our album “Foreign Land” and it includes songs such as “Earth Today” which ecological message is no less relevant today. Other songs that stand out are “What’s Going On?”, “Change“, “I Turn Away” and “Have You No Shame”. I am probably one of the few people who had wished apartheid had lasted a little bit longer on, as my anti-apartheid song now has lost its relevance. 🙂


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